Monthly Devlog 03/01/2021

New devlog of the new year and it's gonna be a short one given the last devlog was done halfway through the month.

That and y'know, holidays happened (Always remember to take some breaks even from your personal work y'all)

That said, since the last log my time has been spent on planning the new backgrounds. 4 fully new have been decided on and 1 edit of an existing one. So far 3 have been blocked out (Well, 4 but after I finished the fourth I decided a different location would better fit the scene)

I have to admit, backgrounds aren't my favourite part to draw but I've found I love the worldbuilding aspect of it. When deciding where a scene takes place it really makes you think about why the characters would go there and what happens in that place to make it look the way it is.

Next up is more planning, for background, poses and generally squaring away all the art I need to do before getting down to doing it.

Thanks for reading, see y'all next time.

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