Monthly Devlog 04/11/2020

Hello Itch. This is a continuation of devlogs I started over a year ago on Tumblr, which you can find here.

So, it's been about a month since I let the giddiness of releasing my first chapter subside and got back to work on the second chapter. Already there's been some big changes to my plans.

Since I'm the sole developer of this, I have to account for how many assets I can do in a reasonable time. The writing stage is where I figure out how many assets I need, and write the story accordingly. I have an outline of the whole story but the assets needed don't become entirely clear until I've written the full first draft.

My initial plan was that in chapter 2, the story would branch into one of two significantly different routes, though would attempt to visit already drawn locations to limit the number of new assets. Now that I'm roughly 1/3rd to halfway done with the rough draft of the first route, I see each route would end up having more assets than I think I can reasonably do on my own.

So, I decided to cut the second branch and focus on what was going to be the 'true' route, so that instead of splitting my efforts between two stories (each with at least two endings) I could give the story I cared about most the best attention I could.

This doesn't mean the choices made in the first chapter will be useless though. There are still small changes that each choice can effect and they will contribute in some way to the endings of what is now the sole route.

Unfortunately it's hard for me to go into what I've added due to spoilers, but I've been making good progress on the first draft of the 2nd chapters script. Going by my planned outline, I'm somewhere between 1/3rd and halfway done. I don't want to give any predictions when it'll be finished but compared to the first chapter, that's been pretty good pace.

Here's to good progress, and I'll see y'all next month.

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